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Gap years

It’s been nearly eight years since my last post.

Undoubtedly, the last few years have been the hottest in the recent history of our planet. For me too. I have spent these years asking myself questions which put into doubt everything I had done before.

Then there was the COVID-19 experience with all that it came. After spending some time in Sweden and Norway and being registered to work there as a doctor, I returned to Italy and re-started working in public hospital psychiatric wards. First in San Donà di Piave, then in Modena and Esine, where I’m still practising as a psychiatrist.

In the meanwhile, I have spent years studying DBT therapy with Marsha Linehan and learning the integrated psychotherapy for psychosis and personality disorders as described by Dr Michael Barrett. I’ve also co-authored two scientific papers and three new self-help books on the gut microbiome, nutrition, and mental health.

I moved from Rimini to Sansepolcro and adopted a Maremma Sheperd dog puppy who is now two years old and a joyous company. I also tried to take care of my body regardless of COVID-19 restrictions and I’m currently trying to recover from a hip injury.
Last but not least, I have lost my beloved father.

To make a long story short, I’ve spent the last seven years trying to gratefully express my gratitude, being kind, forgiving, and slowing my life.

They have been productive gap years, a terrific opportunity to have a break from a lot of things, return refreshed, get valuable work experience and travel Europe.

I believe I have become a better me. Even with my new grey hair. And yes, I’ll try to share with you the methods I’ve tried and tested on myself.