I am a medical doctor and a graduate with honors of the Modena University School of Medicine (1986). I have completed my Jungian training with AIPA (Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Analitica) in Milan and Rome and I am a registered member of IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology) in Zurich. I became a jungian analyst because I love images and the imagination. For me, psychotherapy is essentially working wirh images, and how people imagine and reimagine themselves, others , and the World. Jungian analysis interests me because it emphasizes the imagination more than the other psychoanalytic methods do. As a matter of fact, I should say that my Jungian training has enabled me to re-access the realm of my imagination.

During the years, as a result of my interest in images I have evolved my interests towards the field of behaviour change and art-therapies. This has helped me to see familiar things in a whole variety of new ways. As a co-founder, editor in chief and webmaster of the oldest Italian website on eating disorders, (now a non-profit organisation), I  have focused around twenty years of counseling, consulting, teaching,  training,  and publication-writing on three main fields of strictly-related specialisation: eating behaviour and eating disorders (and related metabolic diseases), mood disorders and personality disorders. I’ve spent five years investigating the therapeutic use of self-portrait photography and I’ve just concluded a Food Nutrition and Health Ph.D. program (at UNIVPM) researching on the neuro-biology of food preferences, meal frequency, intermittent fasting and their impact on metabolic syndrome and the obesity epidemic.

I am a member of both the Editorial Boards for the Italian journals: Nuove Artiterapie, and Around Photography International. I also hold a monthly column on therapeutic photography and maintain my two weblogs on self-portrait photography and on simplicity and mindfulness. Last but not least, I deliver workshops, lectures and presentations on creativity, on performance nutrition and on body re-composition  and provide private supervision for psychiatrists and psychotherapists with an interest in eating disorders and Jungian analysis. I live and work between Rimini and Sansepolcro (Italy), as a senior consultant in eating disorders and obesity as well as an analyst in private practice.