“A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood, it becomes a living experience…”
C.G. Jung (CW 16:252)

A. The Wellness Project

The wellness project is a health manifesto descending from my latest nutrition research on food preferences.

The majority of the people I see in my private practice pretend they have “bad eating habits”, while in reality they suffer from a life-destroying addiction that causes pain and suffering greater than the worst substance dependences combined.

Eating the wrong kind of foods is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the Western world. Unfortunately very few people, even among doctors, are aware of the problem despite all the insights and breakthroughs of modern science and research.

New scientific information is not always well received, especially when it challenges the views or threatens the self-interests of powerful individuals and/or groups (i.e. Big Pharma or the food industry).

This project has been set up to tell the truth abut health and wellness related to food consumption so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

If you want to know more about this you can read my latest book: Exploring The Human Microbiome, but be forewarned! What you are about to read there will be different from anything you have previously encountered and it may not always be what you want to hear.

After reading this book you’ll understand how to significantly reduce your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other common diseases. You’ll also know how to achieve and maintain a fit and vigorous body and you’ll develop the peace of mind that comes with gaining control of your health and happiness.

B. The Self-Portrait Project

The Self-Portrait Project is a work-in-progress that I put on many years ago, starting from a jungian epistemological premise: that to catalyze the positive and healing power in the mind, one must first see his/her Self honestly and then, take responsibility for what he/she sees.

In the simple act of self-portraiture, the dynamic of the image changes, as does the direction of energy, and therefore the final meaning of it.

By giving someone who is accustomed to having his/her picture “taken” the opportunity to document their own life under their own terms, they produce images that address issues of vanity and insecurity, empowerment and self-awareness, superficiality and substance.

Self-portraiture, is literally photographing the many faces of an individual’s emotions and feelings. Sometimes these are raw images, sometimes they can be frightening. Sometimes these faces are so different from the beliefs one has built about him/her Self that they can be hard to recognize.

And yet, self-portraiture is a means of keeping a safe distance even from the most disturbing images of the reader’s Self while helping him/her identify and integrate the many faces of his/her inner feelings and emotions.

Since a greater integration of the unconscious into the conscious is known to be the best way to enrich one’s own life by giving new fuel to personal development the act of self-portrait can help improve psychological and psycho-somatic symptoms and allow more control over one’s own life.

If you’re interested in this project you can check out my blog on self-photography or my column in the Around Photography International journal.